Tuesday, September 4, 2007

tonight! underrated presents The Lisps and Square Wave Punch for Cross Pol!

I'm so sorry. I haven't crawled under a rock and forgotten about you, just been in between apartments and now that I'm finally settled, I want to return to writing here as much as I can. I was thinking about how much time I used to give to this blog and the magazine, as I was walking to work, and it was a funny feeling seeing how much life can change in only a matter of a few months. I now walk past the Chelsea Hotel every day, and I can't help feeling very nostalgic and yet hopeful about how the city, people, and even me will see things come and go, for better or for worse. I'm babbling again, perhaps because I've gotten more than enough sleep this weekend. I really missed my bed.

OK, time to celebrate tonight though. Seriously, come out to Pianos. I want to see all your faces!

My plea:

"Come all ye crazy animals to Pianos this Tuesday night for the weekly Cross Pollination. Underrated has been quiet lately, but we're back with a vengeance teaming up with our good buddies to present an awesome night of music....featuring THE LISPS and Sean from SQUARE WAVE PUNCH.

It will be awesome.

And free.

Tonight. 8 pm. Be there."

Sound good?


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