Sunday, September 16, 2007

i was never a normal girl

Friday was the perfect pick-me-up I needed, a night where three of my favorite bands played, catching up with friends, and all around having a fabulous time. I danced like a weirdo during Jukebox, shouted out requests during Wakey!Wakey! and spent most of A Brief Smile's set going wow with Seth. I left Pianos in a very big smile (all those gin & tonics didn't hurt), and relieved because life has been super busy lately.

As you can imagine, things are starting to get crazy leading up to this year's CMJ, and it's only going to get even more nuts as the time draws near. I'll be able to announce a couple things I've been working on, outside or work, for that week which I'm so excited about. It's going to be a great great week.

I'm finally settled and happy to call my new place home. The weather has changed drastically in the week, with fall creeping in as each day passes. The first cold day (which was yesterday), I always switch from curly hair to straight and it was very strange yesterday to see how long my hair has gotten. May sound weird and you probably don't care, but it's the longest I've ever had my hair in my entire life. Strange, I've missed having one of those "firsts." It's been a while.

As far as new music, I'm finally having a chance to check out a lot of albums I've kept meaning to. I'm loving (in no particular order): Tim Williams, Octopus Project, Kanye West, Le Loup, Kate Nash, Rilo Kiley, Beirut, and Nightmare of You. I'd like to go into more detail on all, but I must be honest -- I'm a bit wiped out. This weekend was far from relaxing, and to be frank -- when you spend all week writing about music its the last thing you want to do on your free time.

But that's not to mean I will continue to neglect you, so here I am spewing my nonsense all over the place. I've caught up on a lot of TV lately. Have you seen Californication yet? I'm loving David Duchovny all over again.

Until next time.


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