Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heroes 2.1 - "Four Months Later..."

So I finally got around to watching the first episode of the second season of Heroes, and only one thing really annoyed me. Where the hell was Sylar? Now, some people think I'm weird for having a really huge crush on him, but you'll have to accept it. He may be evil, but he's also quite lovable if you give him a chance. Remember that episode with his mom? Was real cute...of course, before he killed her.

Last year, Heroes was all the hype, so they have a lot to live up to in this season. I must admit this episode was a tad bit slow, but I have no doubts that things will start to pick up again. Frankly, it was just nice hearing the voice-overs and seeing my man Hiro smile again. I sure did miss them over the summer.

We didn't learn a lot, nor were many things wrapped up, as the (SPOILER ALERT) episode picked up four months after the explosion. Looks like Nathan is alive (at least, we think thats him) and he's got a beard and is a drunk now. Awesome. Claire's back with HRG trying to live a normal life and forget that she's not only a cheerleader, but one that can never get hurt. Love interest was introduced (yawn), and that silly dog was back again. Mohinder is making some deals with HRG, trying to get into the "program" or whatever that is trying to stop the Heroes. That may be one of the more important story lines to come, I think.

What else? Cop guy is taking care of Molly now, obviously not doing a very good job. She keeps drawing all these scary faces. Sylar, maybe? Or someone more evil. Oooh. We were introduced to two new characters, the girl kills people, but we don't really know how. Not too thrilled by them yet. And Hiro is back in the 1600s with his hero, who turns out to be a white guy. I hope Hiro comes back to present time soon. That whole story line isn't my cup of tea.

It was a lot of separate story lines in this episode, and frankly, a bit hard to keep track. I'd rather have them focus a bit more in episodes to come so things can actually happen. Mama Patrelli and Papa Hiro are apparently going to be killed, but we have no idea why. Someone came up to Papa Hiro at the end (Mama Patrelli?) but we didn't get to see his/her face. Hmmm. But of course the most exciting part came at the end where we got a glimpse of hottie Peter Patrelli who now no longer has his emo hair cut, but is handcuffed in what was supposed to be a storage cart for iPods. How did his hair get short? How did he get there? Who is handcuffing him? Interesting. Very interesting.

Can't say I was too disappointed by the lack of Nikki in this episode, but we better see Sylar soon. Please. Pretty please with a psycho on top?

(No music really plays in Heroes besides their score. So here's a cool preview of what's to come this season. I'm pumped!)

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