Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How I Met Your Mother 3.1 - "Wait For It..."

I'm never ashamed to admit that I love Mandy Moore, so hearing that she was going to guest star in one of my favorite current sitcoms, How I Met Your Mother, was fantastic news. A bit of a side note, but one day I was perusing the TV and ended up watching an Oxygen special on Miss Moore and it made me love her even, well, more. She's making smart decisions about how she's going about her life and I can admire that. Look at the other pop stars of her time and where they are. Mmhmm.

Anyways, the third season's premiere of HIMYM wasn't the best episode, but when it comes to this show, there never really is a dull moment. Like Heroes we have a character growing a beard, but Ted shortly shaves it off, as a metaphor for his "moving on" from Robyn. Barney was, like usual, hilarious, and when Ted meets Mandy in a bar, the drunker they get the better the jokes. Miss Moore played a tattooed bad girl (totally unbelievable, of course) but it was still charming as ever. Enrique Inglesias also guest starred, but he's not as cool.

Interesting to see where this season will go, now that we have a married couple, a broken up couple, and well...Barney. Below is the song off of Mandy's Wild Hope they played about 9 seconds of at the end of the episode. And check her out in one of the scenes, also below.

  • Mandy Moore - Nothing That You Are

    Photo and video courtesy of CBS


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