Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Brothers And Sisters 2.1 - "Home Front"

I didn't watch Brothers and Sisters last season. Okay, that's a lie. I watched the first episode and then it was decided that I had too many shows on my plate to keep up with it. But over the summer I suffered from a lack of new TV, so I decided to return to some shows that didn't make the cut. I watched the full season in the matter of days and was hooked on the Walker family and their stories. It's a bit pretentious at times and a bit ridiculous, but at the heart of it are fantastic actors and good story lines.

The first episode of this season picks up with Kitty and McCallister on the campaign trail, Sarah trying to save her marriage, Kevin with the other MCallister, Tommy dealing with a new baby and a depressed wife, while Nora worries about Justin, who is back in Iraq. Kitty ends up coming home for her birthday and the whole clan gets together to argue, like usual, until McCallister (the Senator) comes back with news that Justin may not be okay, afterall. I found myself in tears by the episode's end, without even realizing it. I guess that's what I do quite like about Brothers And Sisters—it affects you without forcing it.

Remember last week when I mentioned how good the new Sia album is? Well, she's popped up in another series, this time on ABC with B&S. Her new song (and my favorite) "The Girl You Lost To Cocaine" played while Kitty and half sister Rebecca argued over shoes and closets. Worked well enough for me. I think I was just happy to hear it. Check it out below.

Sia - The Girl You Lost To Cocaine


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