Monday, October 8, 2007

Pushing Daisies 1.1 - "Pie-lette"

At the beginning of each TV season, I'm always reluctant to take on a new series. Most new series that I end up liking will be canceled, and my schedule is already too busy that I have to watch most of my TV on a Saturday morning or Sunday night. So far this season, I'm keeping up with Californication, Gossip Girl, and Chuck. But after hearing the critical acclaim and knowing that a new show was being brought to ABC by the fantastic creator of Dead Like Me (was on Showtime, go rent it ASAP), I couldn't help but add Pushing Daisies to the increasing roster.

It's so charming. But having charm, especially on network TV is never a bad idea. I applaud ABC for green-lighting a quirky drama that is full of stylized color and dialog, taking a chance of what is looking like a hit show. The feel-good nature of the fairy-style centered mystery could be too much for some to handle. But frankly, I'd take this show over some silly reality nonsense, or Housewives-esque knockoff. I think finally, our dear networks, are realizing that some of us are smarter than a 5th grader.

Check out the opening scene below. The first episode of the series is currently up for free viewing over at


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