Thursday, October 25, 2007

Movies That Rock: Lars And The Real Girl

Last night I had one of those perfect New York nights. It was raining, the seasons were changing, and Pat and I walked down the block to catch some new quirky indie film—you really cant get more New York than that. We went to watch Lars And The Real Girl, a film that I had only heard the largest of raves for, for the story itself, its execution and the wonderful acting by who I think is one of the most talented actors of our generation. Ryan Gosling can choose the oddest of characters—in this case a lonely 20-something who deals with his deep issues in the form of a plastic doll named Bianca—and yet when watching him on screen, you forget that is acting. He succeeded beautifully in portraying what could be considered a sad character in an honest and heart-warming way. With every twitch and movement, you see deep within a character, opposed to seeing what is on the surface, which in a way, is what the entire film is about.

Not a whole lot of music in the film, except for one pivotal scene that so perfectly used the Talking Head's "This Must be The Place (Naive Melody)," which you can download below. But please see the movie as well. It's worth the 11 dollars, I promise. Still need some convincing? Watch the trailer here.

  • Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

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