Monday, October 1, 2007

Grey's Anatomy 4.1 - "A Change is Gonna Come"

Yawn. Is it just me or is this show getting really boring? I think every time someone new from Meredith's life is introduced on the show, a little part of me wants to change the channel. Maybe it should become a drinking game, or something. Thankfully the music in this week's episode trumped the actual story lines. There are too many interns. I can't follow.

Anyways, the music. Some typical indie pop from I'm From Barcelona and Miss Lily Allen to keep the show from getting too depressing, added with some more daring choices including KCRW and Perez Hilton darling Meiko as well as the wonderful Cinematic Orchestra. I guess I'll keep watching this show for the tunes...for now.

  • I'm From Barcelona - Oversleeping
  • Lily Allen - Knock 'Em Out
  • Meiko - Reasons To Love You
  • Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home

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