Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Californication 1.12 - "The Last Waltz"

Hank Moody is my hero.

Favorite new series of the season? I think so. Last episode perfectly wrapped up an incredible debut season from this Showtime series. I've become to adore and loathe David Duchovny's take on the washed-up obnoxious and charming character of Hank Moody and that's why he's my hero. No one is one dimensional. Why is it only network TV that realizes that?

Can't wait until this show comes back again.

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Unknown said...

Sorry to drag this post out from the grave (in France we're always late on everything and then want to impose our fresh point of view upon others) but I disagree, even if I really enjoyed the whole season, the last episode stinks. Especially the end. I don't like fake happy ends... What do you think?

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