Sunday, October 21, 2007

CMJ '07: A Quick Recap

Well, it's over. And I'm still exhausted, but satisfied. I had a great week working and hanging out at Indaba and meeting tons of people along the way. First of all, a HUGE thanks goes out to the wonderful folks at Indaba Music for letting Seth and I take over their work and home space for an amazing lineup of bands. Every person that climbed those stairs was happy they did in the end, and we couldn't have had such a great time without them. All of the bands that played were simply wonderful. I'll have all my pics and a couple videos up in a bit, but for now..let's look at what went on this week.

Best Show (Other Than Indaba): We Are Wolves @ Annex. Wasn't expecting these guys to do much for me live, but I was totally blown away. Talk about a nice way to rock out on a Thursday night. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

We Are Wolves @ Annex

Worst Show: Black Kids @ Annex. Perhaps due to the technical difficulties, but it was an uncomfortable show going experience. Took the band too long to get on stage, and when they finally did, after one song their guitar amp blew out. I still like the band, from the four songs I've heard, but would have passed on this had I known it would have ended this way.

Black Kids @ Annex

Overrated Act: Cut Off Your Hands. One big "eh".

Cut Off Your Hands @ Indaba Music Loft

Underrated Act: Tim Williams. Saw him twice and was completely blown away both times. His album is quickly rising to the top of my favorites this year, and his live show has been brought to new levels with his band. Totally amazing. Followed, of course by Wakey!Wakey!, Mason Proper and...

Tim Williams @ Annex
Mason Proper @ Indaba Music Loft
Wakey!Wakey! @ Indaba Music Loft

Best crowd: Jukebox The Ghost @ Indaba. Holy Crap! Packed to capacity and all singing along. I found myself front and center of a sweaty sweaty room and the boys just nailed each number to their adoring fans. The "yeah's yeahs" during "Good Day" was classic. Close second? The intense fans at the Jesse Lacey and Vince Accardi show at Mercury. Pretty cool to see first hand.

Jukebox The Ghost @ Indaba Music Loft

Best meet up: Shiv from WOXY! I heard his voice across the way at San Loco and couldn't have mistaken it for anything. Was so nice to finally meet the guy, albeit short. Followed by West Coast favorites, Princeton and Let's Go Sailing.

Princeton @ Indaba Music Loft
Let's Go Sailing@ Indaba Music Loft

Best panel: The Almighty Blog. Was horribly disappointed the day before sitting through "PR On A Shoestring" (where they blatantly bashed blogs and gave no help for bands trying to get their names out on a small budget) but was brought back to sanity by the amazing panel for "The Almighty Blog." It was nice to see a very diverse panel with a unique conversation about where we are going in this crazy world of musical journalism.

I didn't see a whole lot outside of Indaba, but must say I had a great week seeing some of my favorite people and bands. Can't say I'm not ready to get back into a regular schedule though. My TV is calling me...


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