Tuesday, October 2, 2007

House 4.1 - "Alone"

House is a show I'll never get tired of. Sure, it's sorta the same story line each week. Mysterious illness. Patient has a seizure. Team argues. House breaks the rules. Patient lives. Pretty simple, right?

Wrong. What makes House, played brilliantly by Hugh Laurie, one of the most interesting characters on television is that he's flawed. He's a flawed hero. He's a doctor, addicted to pain killers, who doesn't understand the notion of bedside manner. But he's good, so we root for him week after a week, and realize that not everyone's perfect. Especially not House.

This season opened to House alone with his guitar. His team has left him, and he's too stubborn to hire a new one. But when a girl comes in after a building collapses on her, House is forced to solve the puzzle on his own (or at least with the help of the janitor). Not the greatest episode, but it sure was nice seeing Hugh Laurie and that guitar (that is when Wilson didn't kidnap it).

I heard a bit about Band From TV, a band from, well TV, that consists of Hugh Laurie as well as Greg Grunberg (a favorite of mine), currently on Heroes, James Denton from Desperate Housewives, Bob Ginney, a host on E!, and Bonnie Somervile from Kitchen Confidential. It's all for charity, but I do know that Mr. Laurie is someone who itches to be in a band. Check out their MySpace to listen to some tunes and watch the video below. Hugh Laurie, swoon.


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