Monday, October 8, 2007

Weeds 3.8 - "The Two Mrs. Scottsons"

I'm a little behind on my TV, but I didn't want to post about last week's Weeds after tonight's episode for one main issue: Man Man. The band was the featured musical act on last week's episode which meant they got to sing the series' theme song and have a couple songs featured throughout. Some great moments of Nancy chasing after the ex-wife, psuedo incognito and our dear Andy getting into a tricky situation. Thankfully, not too much MK and a lot more Shane. I think I'm ready for our friend Sullivan out there or it's going to be another major catfish between Nancy and Celia. Actually, that could be fun. Seems like there's only a couple more episodes to go in this season and I can tell its leading to something major. Until then enjoy the fantastic rendition of "Little Boxes."

  • Man Man - Little Boxes

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