Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dexter 2.1 - "It's Alive"

Best show on TV? It's up there. Showtime's Dexter has become my new obsession, after finally sitting down and watching the entire first season in two days, only a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't imagine what it felt like for those who had watched last season, having to wait all summer for the continuation in this dark saga. Michael C. Hall has the uncanny ability to make you love and hate him, to feel disgust and sorrow, in the matter of a single word or facial expression. Never have I been witness to a show so complex and deep that has evolved into a certain odyssey of contemporary times. In short, you should be watching. It's frickin fabulous.

This first episode of the second season was a definite edge-of-your seat roller coaster. Our dear friend Dexter is having problems following the killing of his brother at last season's end, and although he's itching to satisfy his urge, he can't—he's being watched, and he's lost his touch. Regardless we see him try and try and it's surreal to be rooting for someone to kill, but we know he needs to, and as dark and disturbing as he may be, he needs to survive. But my god, that ending. Seeing the number of bags being pulled out of the water, I felt sickened and scared. Maybe it was good he's taken some time off? All I know is that this is going to be...one hell of a season. Tune in if you know whats good for you. Showtime. Sundays. 10 PM.


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