Tuesday, February 8, 2005

15 minutes is definitely over

I never want to work in PR. I haven't had the most pleasant experiences with publicists, much prefer to work with bands themselves. And yet, my current day job is doing corporate communications. I'm that person I hate. I'm those people who think they are better than me. I find it incredibly jarring to be treated rudely by publicists, because I basically am doing their job for them when I get their clients in print. I'm the people who are only concerned with image, who don't care about the craft or the art. I dumb things down, juice things up, just to sell. I've gone over to the dark side. But that's the day job. It pays the bills, and allows me to be me with Underrated. I'm here to help (not the publicists - the artists duh!)

However, pre-concert I had to do my own PR. How embarrassing! I have enough knowledge and media sappiness to know that I had a story to sell. If that meant that I had to submit pictures to publications (eek!) sit through interviews (on the other side!) and beef up myself as a young entrepreneur, I did it. I wanted people to come out to the show, to see these bands, and that was worth the selling. Or so I thought. After shopping a press release around to a ridiculous amount of publications, two actually followed through with interest: my home-town newspaper in New Jersey and NYU's Washington Square News.

I've already bogged you down with my problems with the local paper. It defeated the whole point of the article to get the date wrong. (Never even got an apology after I actually THANKED them for running the story, but INFORMED them of their error.) It's okay, I can breathe about it now. It's over.

And today, the Washington Square News released the article, basically a week after the show: Junior's zine turns year old

Not as bad as the local paper. At least the facts are right, except for my name. Is an extra 'a' so hard to remember?? I've dealt with it my whole life, I can let it slide. I suppose. But the writer was a sweetheart, and I'm sure that the WONDERFUL (ahem) people at WSN worked so hard, but it was just not in their power to get it out before the show. I'm sure.

But I suppose if it gets some more subscribers than it's a job well done. I suppose. No more PR for this girl. Well not for me at least. That's Liz's job now!


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