Thursday, February 17, 2005

T - 2 Hours til The French Kicks

Good news! I'm freaking out! Okay, breathe Rachael it'll be okay. I don't know why, big artist or small, I still cannot get over my fears. I'm awkward by nature. My latest nervous habit is scratching the arch of my nose. Why? I don't know. I'm weird. I predict a lot of that tonight. I just can't believe I get to sit in on a sound check, go out to dinner with the band before they take the stage to a sold out show. How did I get here, I wonder. No more questions. Just gotta go with the flow.

So even better news! Underrated Magazine has found a printer that will look good, and not cost too much. Now that is a deal. Starting in June, ads will start running, but I wanted to get the magazine looking all spiffy so more advertisers will want to sign on to our little publication. So, if all goes well (fingers crossed) we will have an actual magazine - color cover and all! Perhaps I'm a little more excited than the rest of you. To be honest, I am a little sick of spending an afternoon at Unique Copy stapling over 200 copies together. Now we are going to have 500 distributed and I don't have to staple one!

I'm beyond excited, oh wait, and terrified. I'm a walking dichotomy and I like it that way.

I'll be back with the complete wrap-up of my night with The French Kicks, pictures and all. Looking towards the future, one scratch of the nose at a time...


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