Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Stephen Kellogg @ Bowery

Last night I had the fortunate ability to walk out of my apartment, walk 32 steps (I counted) to Bowery Ballroom to see Issue Two's Underrated Artist, Stephen Kellogg headline on the day his new CD was released.

I'll admit it, I have a bit of a crush on Mr. Kellogg. Last time we chatted back at Tribeca Rock Club, he was nothing short of charming. Now he's on a major label, but he's still very much the southern gentlemen, only er, from Boston. It was great to see him playing at a bigger venue and still having fun.

The show was great. I got to stand upstairs right behind the sound booth for a great view of the band and the crowd. Kellogg played a lot of songs from the new CD, as well as my old favorites, "Thirteen" and "See You Later, See You Soon." The scruffy, blue-eyed Bostonite could not stop grinning in front of the crowd of college girls who dragged their boyfriends to the show. They threw in covers of everything from "Jesse's Girl" to "Sweet Caroline," and Keith even attempted the dance from Napoleon Dynamite, with, well, grace. But to end the set, Kellogg and his two band mates, Keith and drummer "Boots" did a cover of "Blackbird." Quite daring for these youngsters (we all saw the other Beatles cover on Sunday), but I was pleasantly surprised. I even had slight chills. These boys, if anything, know how to harmonize.

Besides Mr. Kellogg, I began chatting with the sound guy at Bowery, who turned to be in a band and was interested in what the whole magazine was about. He told me he'd seen me before and noticed my handy dandy green notebook. He asked me if I ever write bad reviews. I told him no, I'm not a critic, merely a fan. He asked what I did, then, if I was sent a CD that was terrible. I told him that if I couldn't find a staff member who liked it (I strongly believe every musician can find it's niche), then I just would choose not to review it.

It got me thinking. I've had a lot of ups and downs lately. 2005 has been jam packed with stress, and it won't lighten up for another few weeks until this next issue is done. My only hope is that it is understood that I believe in Underrated . I have from day one. How? I'm not quite sure. It's my passion and my calling. I feel like this was something I was fated to do. As awkward as I can be, I am honored and privileged to have the opportunity to do something I feel so strongly about at such a young age. I love music. All kinds. But I am no expert. And I'm not perfect. I'm still learning each and every day, and trying desperately to get rid of all my fears and reservations. It's a lot harder than I thought.

I'm terribly nervous for my interview with The French Kicks tomorrow. I keep thinking that one of these days someone is going to figure out that I have no idea what I am doing, and that I am the biggest fraud. Hopefully I'll be able to survive on my own two feet, be able to sleep a full night, and not get that pit in my stomach each time I head out to a show or interview.

Underrated Magazine was born to give musicians the recognition they deserve. To give fans insight on music that wouldn't be able to know of in our mainstream world. For me, I want to know the stories. I want to hear why they are in this industry, doing what they are doing, and how they got there. I can't complain, I get to listen to new music each day, and meet amazing musicians. But that's all. I don't have a grand plan or scheme, that I know of. I just want to continue doing what I love and hopefully helping out some people on the way. Felt like I needed to get that out for some reason or another.

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Great project. Compliments to your work @underrated magazine.

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