Saturday, February 19, 2005

Baby It's Cold Outside

We had a mini heat wave for like a day last week, and therefore I forgot that it is still February, and still very much winter. Yesterday when I went to work, I had no gloves, hat, or scarf, so when I went out last night for the night, I made sure I bundled up. It had to be no more than 15 degrees, and with the wind, it hurt. But my outings made the cold worthwhile.

I met George, Jess, and Dan of El Jezel at Virage in the East Village with Georgia. Basically, I had nothing better to do than tag along for the interview. Fine with me. Had a ball. After a sort of awkward experience with The French Kicks the night before, I think both Georgia and I embraced the low-key, easy going attitude of our dinner conversation.

The more experience I have, with the more musicians I meet, I realize how small this whole world of music is in this city. El Jezel is friends with Man In Gray, who also is featured in the next issue of the magazine. George was Scott from The Upwelling's roommate in college (where Scott would perform nightly magic tricks). George is also the manager of Virgin Megastore in Times Square where Ari from The Upwelling also works. Okay, so maybe it's just three bands, but I feel a six degrees of separation coming up in a future issue of the magazine. Yes? No?

After dinner and drinks and some scintillating conversation (just ask where they got the band's name from, and you'll be given an interesting visual) all of us heading back out into the cold to part ways. George, Jess, and Dan were off to a party and a recording studio they hope to record their full length at this year. Georgia went back to her apartment to wait for friends, and I headed up to Stuyvesant Town to get Liz to go to Mercury Lounge.

I was supposed to head over to Mercury early to check out Robbers On High Street before The Upwelling. By the time I got up to Stuyvesant Town, we of course had a few drinks, and then Liz had to go to the bank, and then got into the cab, we most definitely had missed their set. Not to mention the line outside Mercury. Sold out? I was oddly surprised. It had been awhile since I had seen my favorite Brooklynites play, and I suppose the word does keep building. I just wasn't thrilled to be out waiting in the bitter cold. But we chatted up with the guy behind us, who I can't remember what he name was, but we instantly became best friends in the cold.

Finally we got inside after a few people left, and I randomly ran into a girl from my high school who now writes for Filter. We got ourselves a drink and headed back to join the eager crowd for a headlining set from The Upwelling. Unfortunately, their set felt rather short, but nonetheless, I was beyond thrilled to see them play again. I'll be honest, I almost forgot how good they were. (Almost! Josh cheered, after the show, when I mentioned that fact.) They haven't lost this girl yet.

Heard the regulars, "Murdered," "Warm," and a bunch of new stuff that sounded incredible. The night ended with my favorite, "Diamond Ring," and I was sad to see it over. I can't wait for this so-called live album Josh is promising me in weeks to come. I need my Upwelling fix.

Chatted with Mr. Magician himself, Scott Morley (also the keyboardist of The Upwelling), who when I interviewed the boys back in August, was called "the band slut." This boy gets around. Besides his magic and The Upwelling, he plays around and records keyboards for other artists. He gave me a copy of
Dave Lear's album, Mr. Sunshine. Listened to it when I got home last night, and it's totally up my alley. Thanks Scott, I definitely dig it. That band slut really knows how to pick them.

After the show and some schmoozing, Liz and I headed down the street for some pizza and then across the street for more drinks. Met a guy who said The Beatles were nothing more than The Backstreet Boys of the 60's. I think my heart actually broke. What does he know anyways.

Officially today until March 30, The Upwelling is on Virgin Recommend's CD Sampler, featuring artists such as Ray Lamontagne, Arcade Fire, Dogs Die In Hot Cars, etc. Basically if you go and buy their EP (which you should have already, but I hear a quote of the NY Press article I wrote for them is on the packaging, so let me know) you get a CD with a bunch of really cool artists. Helps warm you up on these cold nights.

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bryan said...

jeremiah from man in gray was roommates with ari from the upwelling in college. though strangely enough, that's not how we know el jezel. we just met them by playing a show together.

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