Sunday, February 6, 2005

Back to Sanity & Work

After Wednesday night's festivities, it is unfortunately time to get back to life and work and school and the magazine. Gearing up for the next issue of Underrated that will be out in March. Can't disclose too much yet, but it's looking to be jam packed of great artists and features. There's so many things that we have planned for this year, that I'm thrilled. Beginning to work with some printers (Unique Copies are just not doing it for me) and beginning getting ads for not this issue, but for the one out in June. Look for articles from past issues posted up on the website, and Underrated Magazine is up on My Space. Join the crowd here.

Side note: I have always loved technology, being a bit of a computer nerd myself. Okay okay, I'm just a Mac freak (I'd prefer to say elitist, but whaaatever). I have to say all these online dating/friend websites are a bit jarring. Won't mention names, but I know a few friends that have posted ads on Craig's List and have gotten over 100 responses in a day. Is this the future? I hope not. I hope people can still go out and socialize, person to person, rather that computer to computer. But in regards to bands, I completely see the intent and the advantage. It's amazing how you can build up a fan base nationwide, even overseas through the internet. So if all this online networking can get a few more subscribers and word of the magazine out, I'm full for it. Plus, I got to listen to some cool new bands. But let's not all be glued to our computer screens in the future, there still is a world outside our windows. Okay, long side note, my apologies.

Friday night after a long day of a work and a nice dinner out with Lana, I had full intention in checking out Maverick play at The Knitting Factory. However, my body just wasn't up for it. I came home after dinner, sat down on my couch, figured I'd have some R&R before going out again. Next thing I knew it was 11:45 PM and I had missed the show. My apologies go out to Dan and the rest of the guys, I hope to catch you play real soon. I hope you had a great show, everyone should check them out, they rock.

Last night was the regular crazy times with the girls up at Stuyvesant Town. New Ms. Betty Crocker Liz made some delicious Pad Thai and we enjoyed an interesting round of "The Happy Hour Game" that I got her for her birthday. Got some culture in us by checking out some local brazillian jazz at Zinc on Houston and then some Indian belly dancing at Pamela's. How I love those bongos! I swear, no other city could you have a night like that...

Listening to: Maverick - Vulnerable (right click and save as)


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