Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Thank You Mr. President

What a joy it was not to have to work or go to class yesterday. I managed to get one whole article finished! But also got to extend my catch up of Sunday with listening to some more new music, specifically Rockets & Cars and Colored Shadows. Awesome stuff. Will post songs when my email stops beeping at me, one of these days.

So after slumming around in glasses and pajamas all day while I locked myself in my apartment to get at least one draft done of one article, I headed out to Piano's to check out Underrated favorites A Brief Smile. But before them was Blood Red Sun. I met the guitarist Justin on Halloween and he gave me a copy of their album. I kept meaning to check them out, but you know how it is. Busy busy busy. So I was glad I got to see them play, they have a really cool chick drummer and the crowd was definitely feeling their set. The wonderful people at Piano's let them play a couple songs over their time limit, causing everything to be delayed, but we were all thankful. Solid set.

I think this is the 3rd of 4th time I've seen A Brief Smile now, and each time I'm more impressed. Specifically last night, for some reason the freshman girls from NYU seemed to be missing. Perhaps it was the 21+ venue? I can't say I missed the screaming during their set. I think my friend Jenn said it best when she yelled in my ear "They put a smile on my face!" We know that their boyish good looks must have a part in that, but the smile anyone gets from listening to their stellar E.P. or seeing them play live is anything but brief.

They closed their set with a Wrens Cover. Good choice. DL informed me they are recording some new songs. Apparently our good friend Eddie Eyeball from Tribeca Rock Club is helping them out. We can't wait.

So after A Brief Smile, we had some more drinking to do (regretting that now) and we stuck around for the unknown band that played afterwards. I know I could find out who this band is, but because of the story I have to say, I think it's better that I don't mention their name. It was interesting to say the least.

So as you can see above, this is a large band. 8 people. I was excited as I saw them set up -- saxes, trombones. I figured it could be some cool new ska/jazz/retro feel to it. Yeah, not so much. Guitars blared out the other instruments and it was some sad excuse for punk rock with weirdos. But the most strange part of their whole set came right in the second song. One of the sax players all of a sudden fell backwards into the drum set...knocking it all over. My jaw dropped. He couldn't get up. Okay, so maybe he was a little bit drunk. He finally got back up and then fell forward knocking over his stand. Jaw dropped a little bit more. And then I just started to laugh out of absurdity. He got off stage after the song claiming that he didn't eat much today. Interesting.

Began to forget about the little mishap, and really try and give these guys a chance. Then all of a sudden our favorite sax player was back up on stage without a shirt on. Still knocking over stands. I figured it was time to leave.

I guess we can say they had a unique stage presence?


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