Friday, February 4, 2005

Don't Forget To Dance

Is it wrong to still be in a little bit of shock that this whole thing actually took place? I don't think I can comprehend this last year, how this went from a crazy idea while driving in traffic, to a cheesy power point presentation, to stapled pieces of paper with the name spelled wrong, to a one year anniversary issue, and now this concert. I caught myself looking around at Tribeca at everyone there, and thought to myself: Wow. We actually did it.

Favorite moments from the night:

  • Norma the owner of the club pouring me my first drink

  • Tammany Hall playing "Wait for Jane" (loove that song)

  • My parents & their friends arriving for support & love

  • El Jezel covering The Cure, Georgia was a fan

  • Chatting with The Upwelling's Josh and Scott (who gave me a very sweet gift) and Ashley shocked at Scott's magic trick

  • Almost falling down the stairs... numerous times

  • A Brief Smile's whole set, technical problems or not, they guys always put on a great show

  • Drinking with my professor and realizing we had class the next morning at 8 am

  • Meeting the infamous Eddie Eyeball, great guy who helped me out tremendously putting the event together

  • Dancing to NYCSmoke (dancing is a very rare occurrence for me)

  • Liz, in general.

  • Hearing my music come out of my iPod for the entire night -- "DJ Underrated" oh yes, what an added plus.

  • The cab ride home with my roommate and staff photographer Ashley as we were completely in shock of the entire night

  • Going to sleep that night with the biggest grin on my face

  • All pictures are up on the website, under the Gallery. Share your favorite moments of the night here under comments!

    Now that the concert is over, we are gearing up for the next issue of the magazine which will hopefully be out this March. Subscribe now to receive it in your mailbox the day it comes out. Look out, year #2 of Underrated Magazine is underway.


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