Tuesday, February 1, 2005


So I came across this band Snowden the other day, and their E.P. is beautiful. I have a certain affinity for NY Bands, and even though these guys are from Georgia, they are worth a post all their own. Even better, you can get their E.P. for free at their website. What is it with such incredible E.P.'s from these new artists. Its so exciting to see these bands take care of every aspect of the recording, to the mixing, and right down to the distribution. It shows. It shows their passion, care, and work ethic. No need for record companies anymore. Well, not at the beginning at least. I'm taking this class on Constructing The Record Company and it's really opening up my eyes just to how ridiculous the whole process is. It's all about the hits. It's all about the money. Music as art? Please. It's solely a business for these people, they could care less if you can change the world with one chord progression.

The best E.P.s I've heard recently:
- The Upwelling: The Upwelling
- A Brief Smile: Memory Loss
- Snowden: The Snowden E.P.
- The Perishers: The Perishers: Sway
- Ryan Adams: Love is Hell Part 1 & 2

Go to the Snowden website and download the E.P. Trust me. They have a pretty nifty website as well. These southern boys know how to do it. And if you HAD to only download one, or want to give them a shot, I recommend "Chin Up." I put it on repeat to fall asleep to last night. It's that good.


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