Monday, February 28, 2005

Almost Here

In two weeks time, issue five will be done and I will be sitting in a bar in Florence drinking wine, eating bruchetta and remembering when I was pulling my hair out a week earlier. That time cannot come soon enough.

It's coming soon, and although I feel like I am getting the issue done much earlier than past issues, it still scares the shit out of me. This I sometimes forget that what I do is actually read by others (we hope). I think part of me would like to go to shows, listen to music, interview the musicians, but keep all my stories locked up in a box in my apartment, only to be opened by yours truly on a rainy day. I was watching this movie, United State of Leland, on Saturday (good flick) and they say you are only a writer if someone reads your work. Well duh, but it reminded me that it's all about putting yourself out there. Luckily for this issue I am not writing as much, but with what I am doing, I'm trying really hard to get it right. If only the publicists from The French Kicks would return my calls. (The tape of the interview didn't exactly work out.) Did I mention how much I loathe publicists? Another time. For now, let's keep our fingers crossed that everything gets done in time. (and that my passport arrives. please please please)

So with that said, I spent most of my weekend in front of my computer yelling at Adobe Photoshop and In Design. It's a grand time, you should try it. Just hold yourself back when you fantasize about throwing your computer, modem, and everything in your apartment out the window. Someone could get hurt.

But I have a busy next two weeks ahead of me. It's exciting, and thrilling. I swear. Good shows coming up:

  • Monday: Jack Johnson @ Tower Records, Broadway & 4th

  • Tuesday: Interpol @ Radio City Music Hall

  • Friday: A Brief Smile @ Don Hills

  • Sunday: Secret Machines @ Irving Plaza

  • Tuesday: Snowden @ Sidewalk Cafe.

    Oh! I got tickets for The Features/The Walkmen/Ben Kweller show at Irving on the 28th. $5! What could be better? The fact that after I come back from Florence I have another week off from work. Okay, tie.

    That's all for now. Terrible blog for today, I'm sorry. I just like to avoid doing anything productive. Especially when my boss calls me every other second asking what I'm doing. I should show her my blog, maybe she'd be proud. Or maybe I'd get fired. I wouldn't mind either at this point.

    Ta ta for now.


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