Friday, February 25, 2005

Saying Goodbye

The weather outside was frightful. However, somewhat delightful. We did have places to go. And for Luna Lounge? We let it snow.

I had one of those days yesterday when you feel like everyone is out to get you. I find out that my passport is expired exactly two weeks before I am to get on a plane and get the hell out of the tri-state area to go to Florence. Now that may not be happening. Fingers crossed. Can't catch a break in school. Was on the subway for what felt like 1000 hours just to get up to the MET to listen to poems. And then the snow. All I want is spring. And a room somewhere. Far away from this cold night air.

But after a shower and a deep breath, I was out in the winter wonderland to head on out for one of the last times at Luna Lounge. It's really depressing to see this place shut down. It's so close to my apartment. And it's free. AND they play good music, and drinks are relatively cheap. Tear. Damn the man.

So by the time Liz and I trotted through the snow, Man In Gray had just taken the stage.

I hold female singers to a high standard. I think guys can get away a lot easier with a not-so-great-let's-just-scream voice. Tina, perhaps New York's next Karen O, not only filled Luna with an incredible voice, but her stage presence is the perfect balance of sexuality and poise. It's not as visceral as say Karen O is, it's more approachable and real. It was Bryan's birthday last night. I caught him at the bar taking a tequila shot to say hi. Boy do I love my tequila, but unfortunately it wouldn't happen, as I am here at work, and as you can tell, being as productive as ever.

I met Matt of The Go Station over a year ago at St. Dymphna's. We had a long in-depth drunken conversation of record labels, local bands, the music industry, you name it. It was right as I had just started the magazine and was trying to find my footing. Matt and the rest of the gang finished off the night at Luna by stating that this wasn't a funeral, but a celebration. It was their last time to take that stage, and they did it well. Chatted with Joel, the drummer, after the show. And although the boys were just mentioned in this week's NME, he told me they were in dire need of press. I think I can help them out there. I smell June issue cover story.

Two weeks to go until the next issue of Underrated. Let's hope that night I'll be on a flight out of the country. Legally. Until then, goodbye Luna. We'll miss you.


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