Sunday, February 20, 2005

Playing Catch-Up

It's been a crazy last week/month/year so I decided to take my Sunday and catch up with all the stuff I had to do to avoid doing what I really should be doing.

Started out my day with catching up with all the Project Runways I have missed. That show is addicting. However, I know who wins (a little bird told me) but I won't disclose. I'll just say that it's somewhat deserved.

I decided it was time to get out of my apartment. I took the walk up to Union Square with a stop at Starbucks on the way for a chai latte, and knew I had to go into Virgin Megastore. I had to see this Upwelling CD for myself. Low and behold, as soon as I walked right in -- there it was. Staring straight at me. How frickin cool! It's incredible to think that a recording from a self-built basement recording studio is now available at every Virgin Megastore in the country. Oh and there is a little sticker on the front quoting my article from the NY Press. I'm famous! And so honored.

So naturally I had to buy a copy of The Upwelling's EP (that's the 3rd one now, I think) but schmoozed around to see what else I could spend the money that I should be saving for Florence on. I came across The Trip created by Snow Patrol. I had no clue what it was but from looking at the back, it seemed like a 2-disc mix by a good band featuring a lot of cool bands that I liked. I figure what the hell. Just got through a listen of it, and it turns out the band, alongside a DJ comprised an actual mix with a bunch of really cool artists like The Shins, Secret Machines, Rilo Kiley, etc. I have never been a fan of the dance-club type mixes, but I suppose I've been out of the loop. Apparently you can mix indie-rock too. I felt the need to dance, and that's a rare thing for me.

I also picked up Blue Merle's debut album, Burning In The Sun. I remembered getting a free download of one of their songs from iTunes awhile back. I listened to the CD at Virgin and felt it sounded very much like Coldplay but a bit more uplifting. It's a good album, easy listening. Wouldn't say it's incredible by any means, but a solid debut with great orchestral bits and songwriting. I can see good things in the future.

All of a sudden in the last week I've been getting CDs every day from various publicity departments. I used to be so excited if I'd get one a week, now I'm bombarded with new music everyday and haven't had enough time to give each a respectful listen. So today, as I started re-organizing the biggest piece of furniture in my apartment (my desk), I listened to some good stuff. Most notable? Sunshine's Moonshadow and Razorblades and Downtown's self-entitled album. Expect to see them in future issues.

Downloads: (right click and save as)
Still Drownin' - Downtown
Lower Than Low - Sunshine
Pretty Head - Dave Lear (featuring Scott Morley of The Upwelling on keyboards)
Boxcar Racer - Blue Merle

I went through my piles and piles of magazines and tore out articles I liked to create some room. It's incredible how each publiciation I regularly read had articles on Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, and Bright Eyes. Guess we know who were the big stories of the past year huh? It was crazy. Interesting to compare how each publication covered it differently, and yet the same. Favorite article I pulled out is still The Killer's 24 hours in Las Vegas in Spin. Although I have a soft spot for the "Five Rounds With" in Entertainment Weekly. What could be better than basing an interview with a musician over round after round of alcohol?

Tomorrow night make sure you check out A Brief Smile at Piano's. Bunch of NYU bands playing there tomorrow night, but make sure you check them out at 10 pm. Maybe by that time tomorrow I'll actually have some substancial work done. The clock is ticking. Less than three weeks til the next issue. Oh boy.


liz drew said...

I <3 Snow Patrol

Anonymous said...

Thanks, that was worth noting. Steve @Car Tips

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