Wednesday, March 30, 2005

All The News I Care To Fit

  • Bright Eyes new video for "First Day of My Life" was just released. It's pretty cool. Geniune. Mushy. Sad and yet happy at the same time. You know, typical Conor Oberst for you. Conor and The Faint will be playing four (yes four) shows at Webster in May with future Underrated feature Mars Black. Download the video here.

  • New Oasis song, "Lyla" leaked. It's not bad, not great. Sounds the same as most Oasis songs do. I hope the album is a little more innovative, but this song is likeable. Hear for yourself here.

  • The world as we know it, is over: Guster snipit of "Diane" was played on the Ashlee Simpson show tonight. I don't know what's more sad -- the fact they were on it or the fact that I was watching.

  • Ryan Adams new album, "Cold Roses" to be released May 3. He's now known as Ryan Adams and the Cardnials, his website is still weird, but I can't wait. Rachael Yamagata guests on two songs, and the album will be followed by another this summer entitled "September." Track listing for "Cold Roses:"
    Disc one:
    "Magnolia Mountain"
    "Sweet Illusions"
    "Meadowlake Street"
    "When Will You Come Back Home?"
    "Beautiful Sorta"
    "Now That You're Gone"
    "Cherry Lane"
    "How Do You Keep Love Alive"

    Disc two:
    "Easy Plateau"
    "Let It Ride"
    "Cold Roses"
    "If I Am a Stranger"
    "Dance All Night"
    "Life Is Beautiful"

  • There's apparently this fight going on between The Killers and The Bravery. How silly. Brandon Flowers made some comments here and then The Bravery responds here. I'd pay to see it in person, but the words..come on, grow up.

  • That's all for now, folks.


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