Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Whoa there Koyen

Still awake, clearly. So if you find me curled in a ball tonight at Bowery, you'll know why. Just wake me up when The Upwelling go on.

Hold on music, let's talk about journalism for a second here. Today, Jeff Koyen of NY Press resigned instead of taking a two-week suspension because of the Pope cover. I don't question his choice, who would in their right mind take an unpaid two weeks to "think about what you've done wrong." We're not two here.

But I met Koyen a couple months ago and have written for The Press. Koyen always wanted to be edgy and a little bit contraversial, however, I think this went too far. Call me good-hearted, but I just don't find it funny. It doesn't matter what religion you are, or if it's not serious. It's a newspaper with a wide distribution, so be prepared for some back-lash.

I'll be honest in that I'm sad to see Koyen go. He and I shared a common ground in that we both started "zines" and he was quite nice and cordial to me in the short-time I knew him. Sorry Koyen, but you'll probably be better off back in Europe anyways. I guess we just didn't get your sense of humor this time.

Gawker interviews Koyen


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