Tuesday, March 1, 2005

New York Cares

Interpol = Fabulous.

Need I say more?

Okay, I will anyways. I was walking out of Radio City after an incredible show by my favorite NYU boys, Interpol and someone was complaining that the show wasn't "intimate" and what a "stupid" venue for them to play in. I've heard this before. But you know what? It's THE best sound in the entire city. Hands down. When I saw Modest Mouse play there in November, it was such a treat. I didn't care that tonight I was three levels high, because my ears were pleased. They loved it. They appreciated the quality and the clarity. This post is sponsored by Rachael's ears.

I had no complaints. The shy boys (no small talk here) banged out song after song, including, "Slow Hands," "NYC," "Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down," "A Time To Be So Small," you know. All the good stuff. I'll include a picture, if you can even see anything. Oh, but the second one was the really cool shadow from Carlos D. that made me smile.

Yup that's how close we were. Thanks to a beautiful thing called -- a zoom lense. I won't subject you to the 50 other pictures of lights that I took.

It was cool. I swear.

In other news, you should download every song by Horses quick, while they are free. They just signed with Sub Pop today. Although its one of the few labels I have respect for (and am doing a presentation on next week), who knows how long those songs will be available. Download them all here. They are amazing. On tour with Iron & Wine sometime later this year I hear.

Talked with my good friend Nick from The French Kicks finally today to clarify all the quotes that I didn't write down during our last interview. I found out that he is 6'6. That's mighty mighty tall. Must have been eating lots of...broccoli? I forgot to ask. Dammit. Anyways, he says hi.

Don't forget -- A Brief Smile this Friday @ Don Hills. Catch them while they are still young!


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