Friday, March 25, 2005

Kaiser Chiefs

Because I am further away than my usual 32 steps from Bowery Ballroom, I unfortunately will not be attending the Kaiser Chiefs show tonight. They play Maxwells on the 29th when I will be back in the city. Why do I keep getting these things wrong?

I first heard of the British boys a little while ago, reading posts on various blogs and I read in NY Post that of all the bands trying to be Franz Ferdinand, these guys actually hold merit. First off, why are Franz Ferdinand the superior? I like them, but come on. One album! Okay. Not the point.

The first song I heard by the Kaiser Chiefs was their blow-up single in the UK, "I Predict A Riot." It's like crack. I remember being on the subway the day I added it to my iPod and kept on playing it over and over again. I kept tapping my foot, bobbing my head...basically looking like an idiot. It's one of those that you really can't stand still to. So beware of some odd looks if you have it on your headphones.

I've been listening to their debut, Employment all week and I'm in love. As a huge fan of the Kinks, I wouldn't dare make a comparison, and I hesitate to even say they sound like them. But that have that same pure British sound that The Kinks used, without alienating the music. The first song, "Everyday I Love You Less and Less," is the greatest break-up song yet. Following that Riot song (yes I went to the next track) is the moody "Modern Way" that is one of the few tracks that steps back from that in-your-face constant energy that the rest of the album takes on. But it's a gem, in every sense, because it still keeps that highly addictive melody driven songwriting. I've always said, I love songs that I can sing along to, and this album has a lot of them. From "Na Na Na" to "Born To Be a Dancer," every song showcases an organic enthusiasm and dare I say, fun, that bands these days sometimes forget to have.

Take a listen, you'll be bopping your head too. I don't think I've had this much fun in a long time. Why am I not at their show? I'll just sit here in Jersey listening to the album instead. Join me with a couple songs (right click, save as):

  • Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot

  • Kaiser Chiefs - Caroline, Yes!

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