Monday, March 28, 2005

Found it

Thanks to coolfer, here's the link for the NY Times article I was talking about:

"Cover Me: Introducing The Instant Tribute".

Back at work today, what a bummer. I'm sure I'll get distracted and post here later. We'll see if I can keep up the "band for the day" ingenious idea. How unique am I?

Completely off-topic, I'm currently reading Lighting Up: How I Quit Smoking, Drinking, and Everything Else I Loved In Life Except Sex by the wonderful Susan Shapiro. She came to speak at one of my classes last week and was almost as insane as her book is. I've been laughing my way on the train, subway, and everywhere because I basically cannot put this book down. I highly recommend it, needless to say, I could find a lot of myself in her addictive personality.

Tonight I'm off to see Ben Kweller and The Walkmen play at Irving Plaza for that wonderful $5 show. Even if Hamilton is in it just for money, at least it's not coming from my pocket. Look for the re-cap and some pictures tomorrow.

Let's make the rain stop please! I hear Thursday will be 65 degrees and sunny. All I can think about is iced coffee and a book while sitting in the park in flip flops. Ah spring. Get here fast.

Sorry for being all over the place today. It's one of those days.


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