Thursday, March 31, 2005

New Upwelling Songs!

I've been pestering Josh to give me the so-called exclusive The Upwelling album featuring unreleased tracks that they have been playing live. He was talking it up so much when I chatted with him over the weekend that I've become quite impatient. Lucky for you and me, they have posted new songs on their website. I'll still pester, but now I have some listening pleasure to hold me over until I get that actual CD in my hands.

Currently streaming:
Bridge Above The Valley
Birthday Girl
Annie On The Rooftop
The Real Thing
The Room Where No One Ever Goes
The Steps
Who Needs You Now?
Worthy Enemy
California Snow
Diamond Ring

My roommate thinks I'm crazy because I'm blasting all the songs and yelling at her to come listen. I'm a little excited, can you tell?

Go! Listen! Now!


Anonymous said...

They're quite brilliant, truly - gives me a positive sense of eerie calm.

And thanks for the linkage!

Dan (timeconsumer)

Anonymous said...

best band in nyc... amazing songs.

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