Friday, April 1, 2005

T.G.I.F. (i guess)

After a surprising day off of work (hope my boss feels better) I spent the day doing practically nothing, and I enjoyed it. Did get a chance to finally see the film Ray and thought it was fantastic. I take back all of my comments about Jamie Foxx being overly hyped. He was superb.

If you have one of those plastic things that say you are legal to booze all you want, then head on over to Luna tonight to catch Man In Gray and Unsacred Hearts. It's free, and Luna is still there, so make it there by 8pm to catch a great show.

If you are like me, an idiot who does not have the ticket to legality, you can join me at Northsix for The Album Leaf with Blood Thirsty Lovers and The Roots of Orchids. I'll be the one sipping on the diet coke. Sigh.


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