Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Silly Silly

It was brought to my attention last weekend by the future NYUer, Seth Kallen that the school's daily newspaper staff reviewed albums from NYU musicians. Awkwardly titled, "Face The Music" the "feature" by the WSN "staff" pretty much put down every artist featured. With such scintillating comments like "expected Pixies rip-offs one might expect from the hipster-leaning NYU crowd" and "can see this five-song demo living in the glove compartment of many a Grand Caravan," I ended up laughing at the staff, rather than the artists. Like many a NYUer, they think they are better than the masses, know more than everyone else, and finds the need to prove that by making stupid comments to put others down. And this especially happens with music. They invite NYU bands to submit their albums, and then act all elitist. They're too lazy to actually go out and find those many a talented NYU bands that would rather be caught dead than be called an NYU band or reviewed by the WSN staff.

For a great show by my favorite non-NYU band that happens to attend the school, check out A Brief Smile tonight at Pianos when they open up for Aberdeen City. They, luckily, were not featured in that groundbreaking article.


e. drew said...

See My Victoria in the article: Another highlight of WSN reporting: never get names right. The lead singer is Diana Pastrana, she's in my journalism class. If they're supposed to be a good paper, where are the fact checkers?? P.S. my feature on girls kissing girls should hopefully be in there before the end of the semester.

Rachael said...

Yeah they suck. They spelled my name wrong too way back when. Congrats on the article, however my could do so much better.

Anonymous said...

How would one get a copy of your magazine when one lives outside of the NYC area, like the middle of the USA?

AdrianRyan said...

Or, say, in Alaska?

I was carousing music blogs, came across yours thanks to Cellophane Girl and I saw that you have a link to Rilo Kiley's site. I love this band, heard them a long time ago on NPR, forgot about them, now it feels great to have rediscovered them. Thanks a bunch.


Rachael said...

if you email me and give me your address, i'd be happy to send you a copy. if you want to download the web version of the magazine, you can visit either way, be sure to subscibe so you stay up-to-date with all the news and events!

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