Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Welcome to the Monkey House

So ordinarily I wouldn't waste a post on celebrity sightings. I currently see that one Olsen every Tuesday outside one of our school's buildings. I'm always smoking a cigarette and notice a big black SUV that has a parking permit with a California license plate. There’s a big guy in the front who picks up his walkie-talkie at approximately 3:20 PM and then in a matter of seconds one of them comes out, followed by another big guy. It's not that exciting besides the realization and surprise that someone that small actually exists. I swear, it's not human.

But let me back-track to earlier today, as I had the absolute joy and pleasure meeting with Allisa Levin, the genius graphic designer who created her own company, Point Five Design. She was kind enough to sit down with me for about an hour (thanks to my favorite professor) and talk about the magazine. Ordinarily I don't like talking about myself, but when it comes to the magazine, you can't shut me up. She gave me some invaluable advice about layout, and I'm thrilled to work on this next issue. She also told me I could call her anytime for advice/help. I don't think she knows what she is getting herself into. (Ahem, 4 AM freak outs, perhaps)

So I get to class later in the day, have my Olsen sighting, this time in the stairs going up. I suppose she was a little late, or I was early. Who cares. Class was class, I'm walking outside chatting with Jocelyn about my stalker tendencies and whether it was okay when who do I see across the street, none other than Danny Masterson.

Now let me preface this by how much I do love Danny Masterson. Not only is he part of the hysterical That 70's Show as my favorite, quick witted, stoner (seems like an oxymoron, but he pulls it off) but he also has the amazing radio show on the amazing Indie 103.1 that I am a huge fan of.

So I see him across Broadway and I turn to Jocelyn and tell her that’s Danny Masterson and start telling her about my love. Good old Jocelyn proceeds to scream out, above all the weirdos camped outside Best Buy to See Mariah Carey, "Danny Masterson, Rachael loves you!" He turned around and waved. I waved. We had our moment.

Normally, I would have freaked out, walked away and called every person I know. But somehow, lord knows I don't know where it came from, but I suddenly had the balls to walk up to him. By this time he had gotten into a black SUV (I'm seeing a trend here) and yet that didn't stop me. Our conversation, word for word, as follows:
Me: Hey! I listen to your radio show.
Danny: Oh yeah? That’s cool. How?
Me: Online. I love all the same music.
Danny: Nice. I'm Danny. (puts out his hand)
Me: I'm Rachael. I have this independent music magazine here in New York.
Danny: Oh yeah? You should do a story on us.
Me: I would love to.
Danny: What's it called?
Me: Underrated. We have a website, you can check it out online.
Danny: Cool name. I will. You can go on our webpage and me and Brent's email address is on it. Just shoot us an email and mention you met me in NY and we'll do an interview.
Me: Wow. Okay I will.
Danny: Nice to meet you.
Me: You too.

As I walked away, I then freaked out, and called everyone I knew. So maybe look for a story on my new lover, Danny Masterson, in a future issue.

Speaking of, THE MAGAZINES ARRIVED! As if my day couldn't have gotten any sweeter, I hopped on the subway down my dad's office where he had brought in 60 or so copies of the magazine that were shipped to my house in Jersey. It was love at first sight. I could not be more thrilled at how they look, and to be honest I'm a little obsessed. I keep pressing my hands on the nice shiny paper and I am in awe.

How did all this happen?

Tonight I will be heading over to Rothko for the DIG! DVD release party. I'll be there, gushing over the film, drinking the free Heineken, and stalking Courtney of The Dandy Warhols. That is, of course, if they accept my ID. Let's hope this day's pure luck will continue.


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