Saturday, April 9, 2005

This is the first day of my life

I wrote a whole long recap of my day yesterday, and then it dissapeared. So, this is the quick version, as I have to hop on a train back to Jersey in a half hour and my apartment looks like a bomb hit it.

Okay, so Thursday sucked, but yesterday was incredible. Today, the sun is out, it's a beautiful day in NYC, so things look to be on the up.

Ondi Tinomer is a genius. You are probably sick of me talking about DIG!, but I can't help it. It's constantly on my mind. So I had my first "real" celebrity interview yesterday (you know, on a press junket, interview in the hotel room, only had a half hour). But Ms. Tinomer was inspirational, extremely sweet, and very the point of breast feeding her son during our chat. Can't say that's ever happened to me before. I won't go into great detail on what we talked about because you can read Georgia's article in the next issue, but she did give us some insider scoop -- she no longer speaks to Anton of the Brian Jonestown Massacre (he apparently wasn't a fan of the film, I wonder why), she's listening to a lot of reggae music in preparation for a new documentary on the Jamacian music scene, and she hangs with the Dandy's on a regular basis.

I did manage to get that autograph on my DVD. I felt like a tool, but she was nice about it.

After the interview I met up with Liz for Seth Kallen's show at The Alphabet Lounge. (Sidenote - first time using the newly aquired expired ID of a friend, and it worked.)

Kallen's song are easily likeable and radio ready. He's that singer/songwriter with the pop/rock/folk that you can't help but like. He sings about heartbreak, love, and life. He's only 18! I met up with Kallen today for coffee after his NYU orientation this morning. From his debut CD I found out this boy knows how to write songs. From his show last night, he's quite the performer. And today, I find he's super nice. But boy, did I feel old.

Seth Kallen - Losing Control (right click, save as)


Anonymous said...

great blog rachel..i came here via some links... :)
you've got some awesome taste.


Anonymous said...

Where you able to sneak in to the FK's show?

Rachael said...

Sadly, no. The powers that be (aka the boss) kept be busy that day. I listened though, and sort of glad I didn't, it was 3 songs and they didn't sound too great. I don't think it was their time of day. I would have liked to say hi, but alas...another time.

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