Monday, April 25, 2005

Don't wanna hear about it

Yeah, I realize there are a number of typos and poor grammar in that post below. I'm shocked I can even write anymore. I feel like I'm constantly looking for words that I don't know what they mean, and I should just ditch it all and head to a deserted island. In fact, I was discussing with a friend earlier what we would do if we were given one million dollars at that exact second. He said he would pay off his professors and then go skiing. I decided I would first pay off my credit card bills, then head to a record store and buy hundreds of albums, load them on my iPod and head to Fiji. I'd sit on the beach with my headphones and my new blackbery so I could still harbor my e-mail addiction. Ah, to dream.

Tonight I'll be show hopping, see if you can catch me.

El Jezel at Luna Lounge, FREE, at 8:30 PM
Last Week at Arlenes Grocery, CD release party, 7:30 PM.
Mando Diaowith The Comas at Mercury Lounge, 9:00 PM, sold out.

1 Comment:

cellophanegirl said...

I want to hear about Mando Diao, I'll be seeing them on Friday :)

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