Friday, April 8, 2005

Bring On The Weekend

Yesterday was a little bit rough, but as they say: every day is the first day of the rest of your life. So I take on that mantra, and wake up each day with a fresh state of mind. And come on, it's finally Friday. You can't get any better than that.

So okay, I've got a long day at work and won't step back into my (hopefully) mouse free apartment until late tonight, but that’s okay. Because right now I'm listening to KEXP's week in NY at the Museum of TV & Radio. The week has featured fantastic acts such as The Fiery Furnances, Dutch Kills, Phoneix, et al. I just listened to the wonderfully talented Tori Amos and am waiting in anticipation for my favorite French Kicks. They are on at 12 PM, and I am so tempted to skip out of work and walk a couple avenues over to watch. They claim the show is "full," but has that ever stopped me before?

So after work, I am so delighted to get to meet my latest hero, Ondi Timoner, director of DIG!(see yesterday's post.) I can already tell I'm going to be at my most freaky, tempted to bow down in appreciation (or maybe just get her to sign my DVD, we'll see.)

I am then heading downtown to catch future classmate, Seth Kallen play his first NYC show at The Alphabet Lounge.

Tomorrow I head back to Jersey to spend quality time with Irish relatives that are in for the week. If you are in town, check out The English Department at Mercury Lounge.

Here's to better days.


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