Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Well Don't I Feel Like An Idiot

Who's gullible? I am, I am!

Whenever I'm singing along to a song, my brother turns to me and says, "Hey Rach, who sings this song?" I get really excited and go into a ten minute spiel about who the artist is, usually giving a brief bio, and then my further opinion of the song/band/music industry/life in general. He then proceeds to say, "Let's keep it that way." Ha. I get it. And yet everytime I still fall for it.

So disregard my post regarding the new Guster album. It was, as it turns out, an April Fools joke that clearly went over my head. They do have a new album coming out sometime this fall, but not a country album. Those Guster boys are always pulling a fast one on me.

Perhaps it could be my usual lack of sleep. I was in vacation mode for too long. Ten days in Florence and then two weeks off of work felt like Christmas. But school is winding down, this next issue is starting to come together to coincide with the show that has to be planned. Therefore, headaches ensue.

I'm not one to usually get stressed. If I didn't have the magazine I wouldn't know what to do with myself on a daily basis. Plus, we have a great issue coming up. I'll be interviewing Nic Haracourt of the fantastic LA radio show, Sounds Eclectic, future NYU-er and star with a guitar Seth Kallen, Georgia rocksters Snowden, as well as NYC's own Dave Lear and GoStation. And those are just my articles. There's so much more. I set Georgia up for an interview with DIG!'s director Ondi Timoner. As I am finishing up this post, the advance copy of the DVD just arrived. 2-disc special edition! So now when I am awake at 3:30 in the morning making to-do lists in my head, I'll have something to entertain me.

So stress schmess. It's all in good fun.


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