Thursday, April 28, 2005

Walking like you're stuck in velvet snow

Well folks, officially finished my last class of my junior year. One more year to go, scary and yet fantastic at the same time. I was talking to a kid from my class today who is graduating next week and he seemed pretty okay with the situation, even in spite of his lack of a job. Good for him.

All I have left school wise is a paper discussing what I would do, hypothetically, if given $100,000 to start a record label. What a fantastic final. I haven't exactly figured it out yet (it's not due til Wednesday, so naturally haven't started it) but it's gonna be pretty spectacular let me tell you. The best idea I heard from my class was one kid is spending all his money on a kick-ass RV and some recording equipment. He'd drive around the country and pick up some locals to record and distribute via the internet. I like it.

I feel as though I've been neglectiing the real 'music' part of this whole blog type deal, so I'm offering up some mp3 for you all to enjoy. Once I get this next issue out I'm returning back to my new band of the day. I swear. I've been bombarded with great new music, it would only be fair to share some of the love. But for today, I offer a nice selection.

First, a little preview of June 2's awesome show. You better have marked your calendars by now. (right click, save as)

Dave Lear - Please Mr. Sunshine
This Radiant Boy - I Miss Ole' Miss
Rockets & Cars - The Protest
The GoStation - Another Day

And these, because I love you.

Honorary Title - Bridge & Tunnel
Country Club - Over Inflated Clown Balloon
The Shapes - Overflow


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