Sunday, April 24, 2005

Shins Part I

I'm going to preface this blog and the next with the following statement: I love The Shins. I am going to refrain from speaking about last night's show until after I see them again tonight, for reasons I will discuss later. Nothing big, I just need to check things out for a second time. (I knew it was worth spending the cash for tickets.)

Okay, but let me tell you about the openers, The Brunettes. These New Zealanders were the most fun I have ever had watching a band. There were seven, yes seven of them. The way they were set up on stage it went (from left to right) rock band, female keyboardist, marching band. But oh do they know how to write catchy songs that got the whole crowd dancing. They were so happy on stage, I wanted to run up and give them a hug. Then I turned to Liz and told her that I want to be in The Brunettes. I think I would die of pure giddiness.

Okay, there was one thing that freaked me out just a little. See photo below. Yes that is a Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen mask that all of them donned up on stage while singing a song about my fellow classmates. Weird. But funny.

The Brunettes:

The Shins

Complete wrap-up of The Shins tomorrow. Why am I still in front of my computer? I gotta go!


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