Friday, April 22, 2005

More Hip Than Sleeping at 8:30 On A Thursday Night

Oh no. I had every intention of checking out Five O'Clock Heroes and Downtown at Piano’s last night, I swear. It was the first Thursday in a long time that I could go out and drink (and drink) with the luxury of enjoying the hangover at my apartment instead of the office. So it was quite a surprise when my roommate woke me up on the couch (when had I fallen asleep?) I was disorientated. I didn't know what day or time it was, or how I had gotten there. She told me to go to sleep. I agreed. I woke up at 3:30 this morning fully dressed, contacts still in, and realizing the error of my ways. I think I fell asleep at 8:30. How did I end up an old lady?

Alas, the weekend is shaping up to be one full of a lot of work, some sleep, and The Shins!! I'll be heading to Webster both nights (I figured I got one night on the list, I can shell out the cash for a second) How do I love The Shins? You'll find out after the shows when I will be gushing, and gushing, I'm sure.

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting John Leland, author of the fantastically addicting novel, Hip. If you haven't heard of this novel, well then, you surely are not hip. Just kidding. He was completely refreshing, and not pompous at all (and he's a former rock critic!)-- just the type of person who should writing about the origins of culture.

Good News! I think I've got my next editorial. I'd share, but then it would ruin the surprise. Think Hip. Think labels. Think The Bravery. New York. And it may all start with a regular walk home.

I'm helping out the ever so enjoyable band A Brief Smile with their next show at The Knitting Factory on May 7. You should be there.

Young boys with guitars? Free magazine giveaways? What more could you ask for. I'll remind you, don't worry.

Monday will either be a very happy day, or a "stay away from Rachael day," depending on some up-coming news. So, I'm going to enjoy the weekend while I can. Ta Ta for now.


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