Saturday, April 2, 2005

Guster is for Lovers

New Guster album, The Tears of San Pedro is out September 13. Country album? Eek. I'm scared, but the anticipation is bursting out of me, literally. On that note, time for some countdowns:

The Shins concert in 22 days.
Louis XIV concert in 25 days.
Last final in 30 days.
Bright Eyes concert in 49 days.
Rachael turns 21 in 60 days.
Issue Six release party in 61 days.
Rachael leaves for London in 83 days.
New Guster album in 164 days.

Whoa. I need a hobby.


cellophanegirl said...

thanks for the comments on my blog. i will check out the guster songs :)

Anonymous said...

You did realize that the Guster thing was an April Fools thing, right?

Rachael said...

ha....i do now. phew.

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