Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tres Occupe

It's that time again, when Rachael needs to remember to do breathing exercises, get at least 1 hour of sleep a night, and try not to smoke too many cigarettes. Yes, it's called deadlines.

I was almost on the brink of a nervous breakdown today. Everything is just winding down with school, work, and the magazine. The weather is nice, but I can't enjoy it because I have too much to do. My apartment looks like a bomb hit it, with CDs, clothes, boxes all strewn about. Oh yeah, Time Warner thought it was funny to cut off our internet again, which only causes me more anxiety knowing there are emails piling up that I can not answer. And then there's that goddamn mouse (we’ll call him Mickey) that will not take the hint and leave.

And then there was this sort-of feud that came to light yesterday, that I swore to my closest friends I wouldn't expose. At first it was funny, then inspiring, but now I'm sort of upset. But I promised; so let's hope it doesn't really exist.

But things got delightfully better. I am always a nervous wreck before interviews, because part of me is still than young girl wanting to meet that band that she's been listening to and impress them with her musical knowledge that she really doesn't have. And group interviews terrify me. It also didn't help that Matt of The GoStation confided in me weeks ago what he hated about interviews and how it needs to be organic. Great. Now I had that much more to prove.

Luckily, the interview went quite well. It turned out to be that conversation that journalists strive to achieve while still getting the basic facts in order to formulate the story. And afterwards I got my own private show, which was a first for me, and pretty damn cool. With a taxi ride back into Manhattan from Brooklyn, I was up my stairs, said hi to Mickey (he's hiding now, figures) and began sifting through the emails. Turns out someone at CMJ likes my little 'zine and wants to know if I'd like to contribute. I didn't know how to say YES any faster.

So I'm breathing a little easier for the time being. Sleep is questionable. Blogging may be a little less insightful, or at least cheerful for the next couple weeks.

But I promise, once this next issue is out I will be swigging, smiling, and singing my heart out. And it will all be legal.


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