Monday, April 4, 2005

Voice of The Cubicle

Alas, it's Monday and I'm back to work. If you get distracted easily (or welcome worthlessness at your job) here are a couple links to waste some time.

  • Creem is back to print...maybe. Think they'd hire me?

  • Beck made his seventh appearance on KCRW's The Morning Eclectic show. I've contained my singing along to a reasonable volume for the office. Listen here.

  • Ryan Adams is looking for me. Goodbye Parker Posey, move over Winona and Leonna, it's my turn. (I'm sensing that my name may not be unique enough for Mr. Adams, but then again he may embrace the change.)

  • Track listing for new Coldplay album, X&Y to be released May 23:
    1. Square One
    2. What If
    3. White Shadows
    4. Fix You
    5. Talk
    6. X&Y
    7. Speed of Sound
    8. A Message
    9. Low
    10. The Hardest Part
    11. Swallowed In The Sea
    12. Twisted Logic

  • Billboard Magazine apparently has bias. Tell me something I don't know.

  • Pretty In Pink sequel? Holy Crap! (thanks to stereogum) I will forever be in love with Duckie. I can't wait to see how terrible the sequel is. Maybe we can hope for some good music. Maybe. Music In Films: Top Movie Soundtracks from the Past Twenty Years.

  • Okay, okay. Back to work.


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