Thursday, April 14, 2005

For All Of U

Once upon a time there was this group of friends that came out of the deep dirt of suburban high school life and formed what would be an eclectic hogwash of good times. Who would have thought that as time went on that this group would stay as close, if not closer, while spread across college campuses, houses, and even continents.

A couple weeks ago my good friend Josh told me on the phone (after I told him I couldn't come down to DC for the weekend for the 3rd time this year) that I was putting the magazine/bands/shows above my friends. So it got me thinking about whether my priorities were straight and if I had been alienating those closest to me. And then I said fuck that, they can come up to NYC and go to all these shows with me, and then I don't think they will be too upset. But in light of all these wonderful emails that we all have been sending to each other lately, I thought I would take the time to work on a little present with the only resources I have to say that my priorities are still in check.

The Usual then:

The Usual now:

For all of those that have no idea who or what I am talking about, don't fret. I haven't lost my focus, and I think all will enjoy this little gift called music sharing. I just wanted to add a personal touch to those crazy folks I call my friends. You all now how much I love making mixes, so without further adieu, A Very Usual Mix (and for you dumbasses, you know who you are, right click and save as to keep on your computer. It's free!)...

  • Blaire: You know how much I dislike those dance songs, but this one is 100% Rachael okayed to boogie down to. I think you'll like it, and well even if you don' can assure that you'll be hearing a lot of it in my car this summer, or at least the 3 weeks that I will see you! How sad! Chances that we'll be driving, ha!
    Bloc Party - Banquet (Dance Remix)

  • Conor: I know I already gave you one of these songs, but I feel like you need more. They are interesting and crazy at the same time...kinda like you. I still want to know what you thought of the other one, so get listening!
    Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)

  • Dakes: I had a hard time finding something in my library that you might like. Sorry, so metal or any of the like currently on my playlist. So I came up with this song, from crazy British dudes that want to start a riot, in a instantly likeable way. I figured it was worth a shot..and I can somehow see you dancing along to this, don't ask.
    Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot

  • Tracy: I really wanted to give you the new Postal Service song, but copywriting and legality wouldn't let me. How silly. So for you I give you what will most likely become a top 40 hit (it's already all over MTV), but a great song nonetheless. Plus, it's about going to sleep, and yet it will not actually cause you to snooze. One of the few things, I gather.
    Hot Hot Heat - Goodnight Goodnight

  • Josh: Oh Josh..U...A. I have so many cool artists that I want to share with you, and one of these times I will make it down to DC, I swear. But by the end of the summer you'll be sick of me as we peruse around Europe, so you will probably be glad I kept myself busy. For us new Euros, I give you a Swedish band (no comment) that reverts back to good old 60's rock and roll. Will you forgive me with this?
    Mando Diao - Ringing Bells

  • Hogue: This song works for you for two reasons. One, its quality, and I know you appreciate quality music. And two, well the title reminds me back to that grand old time we had driving down 202 and sadly taking a deer's life. By the way, they wait outside my house every time I'm home now. They are on to me. I bet you miss driving down that road too, you traitor.
    Athlete -Vehicles & Animals

  • Dan: Oh Dan, who gave me the best advice in the world after I finished the first issue of the magazine. I remember we were up at your house in Rhode Island and you said, "That's great Rach, but you can only prove yourself after you put out the next one." I give you Issue Five's cover story, the wonderful French Kicks. I dedicate this post to you, Obi, who is always full of support, but not afraid to tell me how much that first issue sucked.
    The French Kicks - The Trial of the Century

  • Tommy: I could have easily given you a dance song that you would have done all your crazy moves to, but I opted to give you one of the greatest driving songs out there right now. (If you must dance, check out Blaire’s. You guys can enjoy that one together) I know Marcel loves this one, so enjoy on these perfect days we are having for a nice long drive.
    Low - California

  • Mikey: Oh Mikey, my favorite person to make come into the city to go to shows with. I haven't alienated you have I? Hopefully not, because I am in constant awe of your musical understanding. You know so much more than I ever will. When are you going to write for me? This song is a good one. It's epic. It's creative. It's layered and innovative. Let me know what you think.
    The Secret Machines - Nowhere Again

  • Henny: Yours was definitely the easiest. Who better to share the new Ben Folds song with? He has a show coming up here in NYC, but it's sold out. Bummer. This song sort of surprised me, not the typical Folds you expect. But still so good.
    Ben Folds - Jesusland

  • JB: My webmaster extraordinaire. I can do my blog all by myself! Aren't you proud? I owe you basically my life, but how's a song for now? My thoughts are you already have heard this, and probably hate it. But I could be wrong.
    Hidden In Plain View- Bleed For You

  • Sara: My cheesy song lover, I had so much fun trying to pick out the best cheesy love song that you know would be in those romantic comedies we both love, and then I had to think quality. So I went with the best place (England), one of their best bands now (Snow Patrol) and picked their best love song. Yes, even this could be in a cheesy movie. And I think it should. Trust me, I've put this one on many a repeat many a times.
    Snow Patrol- Same

  • Jen: I've already corroded your library with my music. I get excited sometimes, so I feel as though you've had a good sampling so far. Oh but there is so much more. We need to exchange mixes again sometime this summer. But here is a cover by this guy in New York that you would probably love. And it's a great cover, by our favorite MJ (as crazy as he is now). Covers can be tricky, but I think this guy pulls it off. Your call.
    Heath Brandon- Billie Jean

  • Robbie: I thought I would give you a little taste of what you are missing on June 2 in hopes that you just may change your mind. And even if you don't like it, it has a hidden message that repeats "Come to Rachael's Birthday Party," over and over again. So look for this live when you find yourself suddenly driving into NYC and ditching all your other commitments. I'll apologize in advance.
    Dave Lear - Pretty Head

  • Liz - I knew I had to do something smart for one of the smartest people I know (yes, you are my role model, not the other way around come on now). So this is a band that has been called "literary pop" and they like to tell stories and use big words, so it seemed to fit perfectly. If only they spoke in French, and then it would have been ideal. Ah, you can't have everything.
    The Decemberists - The Engine Driver

  • So there you have it my friends, I hope you all enjoyed my musical appreciation of The U. I miss you all terribly and can't wait to see you all this summer when we all convene back in the USA. Until then..


    Conor said...

    Hmm, The Heckler Collection Part II: The Usual Strikes Back...

    Jenny said...

    I love it...leave it up to Rachael to bring the U into the 21st century with blogs and downloading songs. I'm gonna leave the link up on my away message to show everyone in the world just how cool the Usual you all!

    lizzie said...

    rach, it seems i also have problems with addiction, because i can't stop listening to these songs. excellent choices all around. but did anyone else notice that something was missing - a song for rachael herself perhaps? please, this mix is not complete unless you're represented as well..
    <3 <3 <3 (god i'm cheesy) liz

    Rachael said...

    hmmm i like your thinking Liz, and what better way to waste time at work?

    My song is by this band Autolux who is so awesome it hurts my head to try and explain it. Everyone should go pick up this album. Need proof? Here's my song (again, rigt click, save as):
    Here Comes Everybody

    Can't wait to see you all!

    Rachael said...

    well that was sad -- for some reason that didn't work, so i'm going to go with my second choice with a band that may or may not be playing at the show on june 2. (hopefully they will) these guys are brooklyn natives and are just as good as autolux. so now you have two suggestions, aren't you a lucky duck?

    The Comas - Tonight On The WB

    Tracy said...

    This was sooo cute, now I just hope they're all worth burning onto a CD. =) LUV YA!

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