Thursday, April 14, 2005

I'm never drinking again.....

on a Wednesday night when I have class at 8 am the next morning. Here I am, 5:30 in the morning trying to finish my work and remember the show last night. I think it was good. I know I enjoyed myself a little bit too much. Let's see... oh yeah! M-Lab were awesome, and contrary to popular belief, the drummer was so nice. Lana and I talked to him after the show and gave a copy of the magazine away. I kept looking over at it in his back pocket for the rest of the night and I think that made me happy. What else? I think I remember DL of A Brief Smile telling me they had a bad show, but I can't remember why. I do remember running into someone from my highschool while waiting on line for the bathroom...weird. Oh and Aberdeen City packed Pianos and rightfully so.

I know I managed to get lost on the 4 block walk home and broke my bag. Here's some pictures...

A Brief Smile:


Aberdeen City:

I need water.


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