Saturday, April 2, 2005

Manny Said Hey

Breaking news: The first ad has been placed in Issue Six of Underrated Magazine. I won't be going bankrupt! NYCSmoke are the best! Cause to celebrate! Hand me a beer...oh wait.

As reminded from last night's obnoxious X's on both (not just one) hands, I am not legal. Georgia demonstrated the embarrassment quite well.

Why is she smiling? Well we were fortunate enough to travel to Brooklyn and attend an 18+ show featuring The Album Leaf, Blood Thirsty Lovers and The Roots of Orchids. I had no idea what to expect from any of these bands. Basically I was in need to see a show, and this was one of the few that would let me in without a struggle. What could have been a complete disaster of a night, luckily we were both pleasantly surprised.

The Roots of Orchids took the stage first for what would be the rest of the night of electronic pop meshing with rock (very technical label right there). Cool stuff. I dug it. Wasn't what I would usually listen to, but I could imagine myself chilling out to their music from time to time. I wouldn't say you would necessarily have to see them live, but these guys played musical chairs (er instruments) rotating around like crazy. The picture below is of the drummer who took to the front for a couple songs.

Next up was Blood Thirsty Lovers, and I was refreshed with some vocals and pounding guitars. I told Georgia that I'm a gal that needs to be able to sing along (even if I don't know the words.) These guys were fun for the first couple songs. I found out the lead singer was from the band The Grifters. He played one of their songs at the end on his own. But two songs in, they managed to break the microphone, piss of NorthSix, and make rude comments. I was bored. I needed a drink in my hand, dammit.

We had considered leaving, both tired and way too sober for a Friday night, but we had paid our $10 and had to at least see what The Album Leaf were all about. Never really understanding the whole electronica genre, when they began to play, I didn't know what to think. I was pleased to see two Mac laptops up there (I'm such a geek), and then there was a violin, and a guitar, and I'm just like what? But then they began to play. The lights blacked, a screen projected random patterns and visuals, and the music began. It was truly beautiful.

All in all it turned out to be a decent night. Who says you need alcohol to have fun? (Me.) Tonight, check out The GoStation tonight at Don Hill's. If you are there, buy me a drink, please. I promise I won't get you arrested.


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