Tuesday, April 5, 2005

(Insert Title Here)

I had a rough time coming up with the title for today. First it was going to simple, March Mixtape, but then I realized that it is, in fact, April. Then I'm like okay...mixtape mixtape, I'm thinking alliteration, how about Monday Mixtape Madness. Wrong again. It's Tuesday. I'm all sorts of confused today.

Drinking heavily on a Monday night = fantastic.
Waking up Tuesday morning at 7:00 AM to wait on line to register for a class that you don't even get = torture.

However the beautiful sunshine makes it all okay. Matt also stopped by to hand deliever the new GoStation EP with his adorable puppy (not so much a puppy anymore, but all dogs are puppies to me), so my addiction for new music has been satisfied for today. And without further interruption, I give you my latest mix. It would have been nice for me to link all of these to MP3's, huh? Yeah, I'm not that cool. Enjoy.

Since U Been Gone/Maps - Ted Leo
Thinking of a Dream I Had - The Walkmen
Falling - The Comas
Might Be Easy - Dave Lear
I Want You To Stay - Maximo Park
Airport Motels - Crystal Skulls
Some People - Codachrome
Engine Driver - The Decemberists
Beautiful - Moby
King of The Rodeo - Kings of Leon
Blow It Out - The Features
Everyday I Love You Less and Less - Kaiser Chiefs
Moscow - Colored Shadows
First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes
Nowhere Again - The Secret Machines
River (Depot Song) - Longwave
This Boy Is Exhausted - The Wrens
Here Comes Everybody - Autolux
All The Little Pieces - Louis XIV
Girl - Beck
Barrio Superstario - Pilot To Gunner
Dirty Mouth - Hot Hot Heat
Oh Fine - French Kicks
Spelling - PS
Walking With A Ghost - Tegan And Sara
Crown of Love - Arcade Fire
Primitive - Ambulance Ltd
C'mon - The GoStation
The One That GOt Away - Great Day Coming
Collect The Diamonds - Q and Not U
One of These Days - Doves
Black Eyes - Snowden
Banquet - Bloc Party

Yeah, try and fit it on a tape. I dare you.

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