Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wind you up and make you crawl to me

Oh yes, a couple more days and this whole school business will be out of the way and I can concentrate on this next issue of the magazine. Speaking of, we have confirmed our four acts for the June 2 show. There may be a fifth added next week, we'll see...but for now, this show is rocking and I cannot wait to see you all there, when I will finally FINALLY be able to order a drink without a worry.

June 2: Underrated Magazine's Issue 6 Release Party
Tribeca Rock Club
Dave Lear
This Radiant Boy
Rockets & Cars
The GoStation

Be there, or be square!

Okay, so last night was an interesting show at the Bowery. I missed both openers while I enjoyed some good old Magic Hat #9 with my good friend Mikey who came all the way out from Jersey to join me at the show. I'm finding it hard to pester my friends to come out to shows with me on weekdays, especially during finals. What is wrong with them? My god.

So we arrived just before Louis XIV took to the stage. I headed upstairs to my usual location behind the sound guys and yet found myself not able to get this post out of my head. Not gonna lie, it creeped me out. Yes, I felt pretty bad-ass listening to their latest album walking down the street, but being there I felt dirty, skeevy even.

Beyond the strange dance moves that included a lot of kicking and bending, beyond the constant raising of the arms after strumming the guitar, and even beyond the spitting into the audience, I would say that these guys put on a good set. I especially enjoyed some of the older, acoustic numbers that they played that I hadn't heard before. I think "The Hunt" was a highlight for me. However, all I wanted to hear was "All The Little Pieces" live, and they didn't play it. Boo.

What I did notice is that this band knows how to get a crowd dancing, especially in New York, and even to the point that the girl next to me almost fell over the glass divider into the sound guys. Speaking of, Louis XIV had the most talented lighting guy I have ever seen. If you were at the show and noticed how synched up the lights were to the music, you should have seen this guy in action. It was like he was playing the keyboards with all the buttons. I found myself more entranced by him, than the actual show. Oh well. I got rid of a nice stack of magazines after the show, attempting to mask myself as one of those annoying distributors after shows that I've always hated. What goes around comes around.

And now for something, completely different...

A joke to brighten your rainy Wednesday, as told to me via the internet from Sara, located in good ol London:

Sara: hahaha I have a joke for you
Rachael: go for it
Sara: what did sushi A say to sushi B
Rachael: I do not know
Sara: wasaBi
Rachael: that is genius

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Paige said...

ahh ha hah I am so glad to have somewhat tainted your concert experience.. really, LXIV is not as creepy as they have come across, they were nice guys!

ha ha

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