Friday, March 25, 2005

Always a Jersey Girl

I haven't been back home in quite sometime. With the family all home for the holiday weekend, I figured it was about time to cross that GW bridge back to good old New Jersey. It feels nice to get out of the city, even though I still can't drive because my brother took my car to Philly while his is getting fixed. But I can't be mad, because it's his 23rd (no way) birthday today. Happy Birthday Neil!

In honor of my return back home, five favorite Jersey musicians (in no particular order):

  • Ted Leo

  • Bruce Springsteen

  • Port (RIP)

  • Saves The Day

  • Bon Jovi

  • Living on a Prayer, you know you love it. Don't lie. I feel like there are so many I'm forgetting. Any favorites?

    Band for the day coming up later.


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