Saturday, March 5, 2005

Can't keep me away

What is this? I'm addicted to wasting your time and mine. Must be something in the water. Honestly, I was going blind trying to make sure line spacing was universal on each page of the next issue. I'm sure you wouldn't even notice, but just call me OCD.

Random musings:

-A Brief Smile was great last night, as always. They get better with age, like a fine wine. I feel bad I subjected the young boys to my rowdy friends. Don Hill's is now officially my least favorite venue in the city, as well as the cab driver who didn't have change for a $20. Luckily the award for THE best cab driver in the city goes to Brian, who gave us girls a free ride later that night after I told him of my misfortunes. He rocks.

-Guster's new album will be out this fall. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I love the band, but I get scared of the Fa Fa's. However, I get a kick out of the hilarious bongo player Brian's studio journal where he talks about everything from what to do when your roommates underwear is in the dryer and you need to use it, to Ryan leaving messages on Vin Disel's voice mail. Oh yeah, they talk about the new album here, complete with video clips. This one cracked me up:
"Adam recorded a guitar trill for the end of the outro too, but it sounded a little too "Mama Leone's Restaurant" so we made him hum along vocally while he did it. Somehow, that made all the difference." Check it out.

-Anyone who is going to the $5 Kweller/Walkmen show has got to be excited. I know I am. To entice you to want to read this next issue that much more, I give you an interesting tid-bit from Ham, lead singer of The Walkmen that is part of a Q+A in Issue 5. Good to know the band is:
a. aware of their shows
b.know who they are playing with
c. willing to do anything for money.

You are playing a $5 show at Irving Plaza later this month with Ben Kweller.
With what?

Ben Kweller?
Is it really? I’ll bet it is. Ahh, I was lied to. That makes a lot of sense.

Tell me more about the concert.
It’s sponsored by some corporation. It’s not legit at all. It’s completely like a farce of a concert. They are just paying us an obscene amount of money to play in this show. It’s just a corporation trying to use us to seem cooler.

Good times. But now back to work.

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